About Us

Since its establishment in 1954, ABC Trading Co., Ltd. has contributed to the Japanese construction market through the sales of building and construction materials for over half a century. The name of ABC Trading comes from “Architects’ and Builders’ Consultant”, and we have established close relationship with almost all the construction and building companies such as construction business owners, architectural design offices and major general contractors, based on its consistent consulting services from recommendation of building materials, installation and to completion of construction for the entire building industry in Japan.

At present, we have 20 branch offices and 11 subsidiary companies in Japan including laboratories and manufacturing factories, and are handling over 500 items. ABC Trading Co., Ltd. has also been an early pioneer in the import of building materials from overseas, and has been dealing with about 70 companies in about 20 countries and areas.
Our desire to seek innovative products and materials worldwide will continue in the future as well.

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Product Lineup

ABC Trading offers approximately 500 items of interior and exterior building materials with various functions and uses such as long-life flooring materials with high durability, expansion joint covers with high function, Transmissive Ceiling System to provide soft light, bathroom countertops with universal designs and etc.




Aluminum Edge Coping / Expansion Joint Cover / Exterior Louvers

Aluminum Edge Coping and Flashing Material

Expansion Joint Covers

Exterior Louvers


Bathroom Countertops & Toilet Booths

Artificial Marble Bathroom Countertops


Insulation, Water Repellent, Sound Proofing & Maintenance Materials

Urethane Foam Insulation

Water Repellent Material

Maintenance Materials



Architectural Hardware

Architectural Hardware